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I just watched this, hypnotized, for a good minute. 



I just watched this, hypnotized, for a good minute. 


Posted on 30 September, 2014
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Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer

So I interpreted Amnesia by 5SOS, check it out if ya want? yeah okay -Sarah (@5SOS1DTMHT

Posted on 29 September, 2014


We have a link to my master list on our page. It’s called “Sarah’s Masterlist” :D Enjoy

-Sarah (@5SOS1DTMHT)

Posted on 28 September, 2014

Did anyone else see Michael’s new tattoo at the iHeart Radio Village????

Did anyone else see Michael’s new tattoo at the iHeart Radio Village????

miss you guys :-(

I’m sorry, Sydney and I both took time off at the same time but we’re back!!!

Posted on 28 September, 2014

where are you guys??


Posted on 28 September, 2014


Requested: nope

Smut: it’s me, duh

Pairing: uhhh reader and MUKE

A/N: I’m back bitches - Sarah

Imagine Luke cuddling with Michael and they send you a video. Luke says, “he misses you and wanted to cuddle so I volunteered. Wish you could join us.” You had been planning on surprising them and you were already walking with security backstage. You smirk as you watch the video and then the security stops and tells you this is their door. You knock gently and you hear Michael call out “you can come in.” You walk in backwards and close the door before turning around and taking in the sight. Michael was the big spoon with Luke cuddling in front of him. You smile as Mikey sees you and shoves Luke to the ground running to you. “YYYYYYYY/NNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! You’re here babe!!!! Luke move your ass!” Luke rolls over and Michael walks past coming to you and giving you a big hug and snuggling his face into your neck as he lightly kisses you. You hug him back and bring your hands to his hair, what little is left, and play with it. Luke had gotten up and is standing a little behind Michael waiting for his hug but Michael doesn’t want to let go. “Mike let me say hi to Luke then we can cuddle more” He grumbles but obeys as he withdraws his arms and lips from your body as Luke eagerly runs into your arms. “Y/N!!!!” He hugs you and you squeeze him tight before releasing him.

He lingers for a little and you squeeze him again. He still doesn’t let go so you ask, “Everything okay Lukey?” “Yeah, I just missed you. A lot” he responds quietly hoping Michael won’t get mad and hit him again. “Aww Luke I missed you too babe” you say as Michael glares at you with the use of his pet name. “Don’t get jealous Mikey” you calm him. Luke finally releases you and you walk over to Michael and lace your fingers in his as you walk to the couch and sit next to him. Luke sits on your other side a little close but you think nothing of it. You cuddle into Michael’s side and he drapes his arm around your shoulder. “So what have you two been up to? Where are Cal and Ash?” You question. “They’re in with the 1D boys I think,” Luke responds, “and we’ve just been playing and sleeping really. We’ve all been missing home a lot” “Well you guys get to go home in a few weeks right? You will get to see everyone soon! Just try and enjoy the last bit of the American leg” you smile as they both nod in acceptance of your logic. “I know how we could enjoy tonight” Luke days cheekily, you are taken back and look at Michael who is just smiling. “Michael,” you draw out his name, “what have you and Luke been talking about?” You question quickly. “Just how amazing you are babe” Michael says with a smirk as he kisses your head.

“That’s nice, but what specifically Mike?” You could tell that there was something else going on between Luke and Michael and your suspicions were confirmed when you saw Michael give Luke a small nod and you felt Luke gently take your hand and place it over his crotch. You jump a little and start to pull your hand away but Luke keeps it there and pushes it a little harder onto his growing hard on. “Lu-uke” you say shakily, “Michael what’s going on?” “I thought we could have a little fun. Luke and I have talked about it and I know you’ve thought about it. So as long as you are actually okay with it happening and not just thinking about it…..” Michael pauses, “We’d like to make you scream louder than you ever have before” Luke finishes as they both smirk at you.

You can’t deny that you are incredibly turned on by this and that you want this so bad, but you try to play innocent, “What did you have in mind?” failing miserably at it. You can’t help yourself now as you rotate so that your now straddling Luke’s body as you face him. You grab his face between your hands and crash your lips to his as you start grinding on his hard on. You feel your ass being squeezed and know that Michael is joining in. Luke moans into the kiss as his hands finally come to the hem of your shirt, tugging at the fabric. You stop the kiss and allow him to pull the shirt off before reconnecting your lips. His hands roam your back and sides stopping at your bra. Between kisses down his neck you say, “It’s okay Luke, do it.” He takes your word and unhooks your bra as you let it slide down your arms exposing your chest. By now Michael has removed all of his clothes and he is getting needy of your touch. So many months apart he was needy as it was but you were surprised at how reserved he was being with you on top of Luke. 

“Okay enough of this simple shit,” Michael says as he walks back from locking the door, “Now the real fun starts.” His eyes are full of lust as he takes your hand and stands you up then directs you to lay down on the couch with your head on the armrest. Luke stands up and removes his clothing and walks over towards your head. Michael has taken his spot on the couch between your legs and is kissing down your chest towards your shorts. His fingers unbutton your shorts and slide around the hem of your panties but he pulls only your shorts off. You let out a moan and say, “Mikey, please, I need you.” He smiles at your desperation as he places teasing kisses on your thighs and over your still clothed centre. You buck your hips to try and get more contact but Luke steps up and holds your hips to the couch. Michael looks up and smiles, “This is going to be so much fun.” You moan again as you roll your head back. Michael slowly pulls your thong off and kisses your inner thighs before diving in. He gives you no warning before he thrusts two of his fingers into you and attaches his lips to your clit. His tongue wanders your centre as he sucks and nips at your clit making you squirm even more. Luke continues to hold you down, but because you can’t get your hands to Michael’s hair from this position you decide to take advantage of Luke’s member dangling beside you. You grab it roughly and run your hand up the entire length a few times before swirling the pre-cum around with your thumb. You press into his tip and he moans, letting go of your hips. He stands up and now you lick a stripe along the underside of his member from base to tip then take him in your mouth and begin sucking hard. “Fuuuuuuck” Luke says as you work, while you moan onto his member from Michael working on your centre.

You pull off of Luke’s member, and while trying to catch your breath, manage to say, “Mi-ich-Michael, I’m cl-close!” He looks up to you, his lips never leaving you and works his hands and lips faster until you feel your orgasm take over your body. He keeps thrusting through your high then slowly removes his fingers and licks them clean. “Mmmmmm I’ve missed you Y/N” Michael says cheekily as he stands up. Luke sits down on the couch as Michael pulls you up then walks you back to sit on Luke. Luke quickly puts some lube on his length before you sit on him, moaning as his length stretches your ass. Once you have sat down, Michael comes to your front and pushes his length into your opening. “Fuuuuuck me!!!!” you scream as you feel things you’ve never felt before. “Fucking hell Y/N!” Luke says as he starts to slowly bounce you on his length. You had never had two lengths in you at once, but you could tell it was bringing on a high you had never felt before. Michael begins thrusting into you, matching Luke’s pace. His lips are attached to your left nipple as his hand works your right. Luke has one hand on your hip and his other hand is on your clit, working it hard. You scream out again from the overstimulation and say, “I don’t know how much more I can take.” Michael lifts his head and kisses your lips gently saying “Oh I think you can take it babe, now fucking cum” His words push you farther and with a few more thrusts and Luke’s skilled fingers you cum harder than you ever have before. Shortly after you feel Luke twitch then Michael twitch and they both cum inside you, thrusting through their highs as well.

Exhausted, you all just sit there for a moment not moving. Then Michael wraps your legs around his waist and lifts you up off of Luke’s length, you moan quietly from the loss of contact, before you feel Michael press you against the wall and start thrusting again. “Michael, I can’t” you pant. “Yes you can babe, for me then for Luke” you moan as his thrusts continue and you feel your third orgasm of the night building in your stomach. It didn’t take long before you were screaming Michael’s name. You opened your eyes and made eye contact with Luke who was still on the couch, watching you and Mike while he jerked off. You look back to Michael whose eyes are scrunched shut. You kiss his lips gently as you pull his face towards yours. His eyes open and with your foreheads touching he releases inside of you again. “FUUUUUUUCKING SHIT!” he yells, tossing his head back in pleasure. You take this opportunity to kiss down his neck sucking harshly just above his collarbone, knowing you will leave a mark. Michael looks back at you and kisses you softly as he sets you down on your feet. Your legs start to wobble so he holds you up as Luke walks over and picks you up bridal style.

“Oh holy fuck, I don’t think I can go again Lukey, I’m sorry babe” you tell him, feeling complete exhaustion from your highs already. “You can do it babe, 4’s a magic number,” he says smiling like an idiot at his reference to the number of band members in his band, his own little inside joke. “Fuck” is all you manage to say as he sets you on the empty table behind the couch. He lines himself up with your entrance and pushes in. Your back arches from the feeling and you cant help but notice the differences between him and Michael. They both felt fucking great, but in different ways. Before you can analyze your thoughts more Luke thrusts hard and fast into you and doesn’t show any signs of stopping until you cum. And at this rate, it wouldn’t take you long. Soon you feel the orgasm building and it crushes over you, you look to Mikey and see him jacking off as he walks over and kisses you telling you “This is so fucking hot babe, oh my god, SO FUCKING HOT!” Your high starts to fade as you feel Luke release inside of you. His moans are so hot that they make you want to cum again just from hearing them. “Fuck Lucas” you say as he pulls out of you. “Eat her out” Michael says quickly, “Wait, what? No, no more babe, I can’t” You repeat to Michael, “Yes you can babe, because Luke was wrong 4 isn’t the magic number its 5, cuz we’re 5SOS.” Luke and Michael high five and you can’t believe you know these two idiots. Luke is already on his knees as his lips attach to your centre. The cold of his lip ring sending shivers down your spine. You feel him insert two fingers then add a third. You weren’t used to that, but it felt so good. You moan and your hands go to his hair, pulling it at the roots. He moans from your actions that make you buck your hips from the vibrations on your clit. “Shiiiiit Luke, don’t stop!” you beg as his tongue works on your clit. “Don’t stop, doin what you’re doin!” Michael sings out loudly laughing as you roll your eyes and Luke chuckles into your opening. “Fuck you Clifford” you say as your back arches and your 5th orgasm literally smashes your body. As it rolls through you, you feel your limbs fall to the table like a rag doll. You literally can’t lift yourself off the table after Luke pulls away.

“Miiiiiiiiiikkkkkkeyyyyyy, babe I can’t move, help me” you whine as he laughs and again high fives Luke. “I think we were successful in our mission mate! Maybe we should leave her there and let Calum and Ashton have a turn?” “MICHAEL!!!” you scream at him, “I AM NOT FUCKING YOUR WHOLE STUPID BAND ON THE SAME FUCKING DAY!!!!!” “That wasn’t a no….” he smirks catching your words, “Just not today. Okay, got it. I’ll save that for a later date” he smirks again as you grown and Luke laughs. Michael comes and helps you stand up and re-dress before going and unlocking the door. Right after Michael sits down again Calum and Ashton walk in laughing. “Oh hey boys, you missed some fun” Luke laughs and walks into the shared shower. Calum and Ashton look utterly confused and look to Michael for an answer. “Don’t worry boys, you’ll find out sooner or later” you groan and hide your face in Michael’s chest as he kisses your head. Calum and Ashton shrug and sit on the opposite couch turning the TV on. Now you just had to wonder what Michael had in store for you and Cashton.

I love fetus Ashton. so damn much

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Posted on 27 September, 2014
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Posted on 27 September, 2014
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So I feel really bad that I've been so inactive lately. I have a few hours before work so I am gonna write as many of these requests as I can and post them. Love you guys! : )
-Sarah (@5SOS1DTMHT)

Posted on 27 September, 2014

Hi cuties! ☺️

Sydney here! Just letting you know that Sarah and I are sorry for being away for so long. We really don’t plan on leaving like that, especially without warning.
Sarah will be back to writing soon, she’s just on a small break no worries!
And as for me, I’ve been busy traveling from Iowa to Chicago for WWA back to Iowa then to Las Vegas to iHeart all with my internet friend Cass (@Cliffocobra) and in between those 3 weeks, I’ve been a boring adult & working my ass off. These next 2 weeks I’m helping my parents move off to San Antonio, Texas while I stay here in Iowa until December then move down there all because I’m a good manager & want to help out my current boss?? 😅 kinda crazy as fuck tbh

So anyways..
Don’t Panic, I know it’s been Centuries but this has been Where We Are. Promise we’ll Never Be gone this long again

((If you get my references, you’re either gonna think I’m a fucking asshole or die laughing bc Im doing both rn ok soz))


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Posted on 25 September, 2014

x / x

Posted on 22 September, 2014
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When your ketchup bottle precums onto your burger and u wanna cry

Posted on 22 September, 2014
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5 Seconds of Summer - iTunes Festival 2014

Posted on 9 September, 2014
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